About Us



Concept of sneaky burger came as we wanted to bring the things we liked about gourmet food (restaurant quality) but offer it into a package that was affordable and time efficient.

We where lucky enough to find a site that had previously been occupied by a KFC for the previous 20yrs (which meant it was run down and extremely dated but also had an allocated drive thru).
This meant we could design the business to mimic the large multi nationals but improve on the product offering.

First Location was positioned in an area of low eco-social environment, we knew that we would be compared to mcdonalds and other fastfood outlets. We did use there pricing model to determine were we could position ourselves, as we didn’t wanted to be overly expensive.

Determination on trying to maintain a competitive product at the highest quality possible, has made us go directly to main suppliers and we have been successful in removing the middle man and passing that saving onto our customers.



Envision sneaky burger expanding into the newer markets and expanding on through branding and product awareness, as well as maintain our core values of providing the best product at a competitive price.

Point of difference and quality. We are at the forefront of the burger game, but having a total commitment to not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to product, price point and service.

Mission: Good food made with good ingredients at a price you can feed the family


Wollongong Service Company - Local fridge, oven, dishwasher and appliance repair in the Illawarra region

Elie Douna and Charbel Douna who are two local entrepreneurs.